Common Problems W/ the iPhone 4, & How to fix Them

There are a number of issues with the iPhone 4 and 4S that can occur. Whether it’s physical damage or a simple defect after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you may find yourself with an improperly functioning iPhone. The good news, though, is that it’s a very easy device to repair if you have the right know-how. Below, we cover four of the most frequent iPhone 4 and 4S issues – as well as how to fix them.

The Power Button is Jammed

A jammed power button is one of the most frustrating issues with the iPhone 4. Sure, you can work around it by unlocking the phone with the Home button and letting the phone auto-lock after a minute or so of inactivity. That’s hard on your iPhone’s battery, though, and it’s also very inconvenient.

To correct a defective power button, the first thing you should try is to spray some compressed air in between where the button rests and the case of the phone. In many cases, this can loosen it up. If not, you’ll unscrew the two screws from the bottom of the iPhone – by the dock connector – and remove the front of the unit. This will allow you to replace the button.

The Home Button is Unresponsive

Ever worse than the jammed power button is the unresponsive Home button. For whatever reason, many iPhone 4 and 4S models are prone to the Home button slowly becoming more and more unresponsive over time before it gives out completely. There are two ways to fix this issue, or at least work around it. One is to repair it using the same steps as the power button: Either use compressed air or replace the button. The other is to use an app that simulates the Home button with an on-screen icon.

The Rear Glass is Shattered

While Apple’s decision to make the iPhone 4 and 4S entirely out of glass meant they came out with a beautiful device, it also means that they came out with a very fragile one. If you’re not using some sort of case on your iPhone and you drop it, it’s susceptible to some serious damage.

Unlike issues with the physical buttons sticking, there is no temporary fix for the rear glass breaking. It simply needs replaced. To do so, you’ll need to completely take the iPhone apart, starting with the same two screws as before. There are a number of steps to remove the front panel, but you’ll eventually be left with just the rear. At this point, you can slide in a replacement panel.

The Phone Has Water Damage

The bane of many an iPhone’s existence is water damage. Whether you dropped it in the toilet or it got caught in a little too much rain, water damage can cause extensive damage. In some cases it’s fixable, while in other cases it means that your iPhone can now be sold for parts. Repairing water damage is mainly a matter of proper diagnosis. Find out what parts need to be replaced by testing them individually, then replace and repair as needed.

Fortunately, the iPhone 4 and 4S are both very easy phones to repair. Their record sales volumes has led to spare and replacement parts being readily available. In fact, there’s even a strong market for customization that has sprung up as a result of iPhone do-it-yourself repairs. If you’re wanting to fix your iPhone 4 or 4S, it’s just a matter of learning the steps and then following through.


**Author bio: Mike John is a writer and blogger covering iPhone topics with a strong focus in repair. He’s knowledgeable in iPhone 4 screen repair as well as dozens of other common repair issues.



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    DONT try to take appart your iphone if the power button gets jammed, simply take it to the store and as long as your iphone is still in the one year warintee they will send you a brand new one.

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