What are the differences between Wii & Wii U?

Sometime before Christmas, Nintendo is going to release a new gaming console. The new console will be called “Wii U”. One of the main differnces between the current Wii, and the “Wii U” is the controller or “Gamepad”. The new Wii U controller will have a built in touch screen. The controller will allow for game play even after the Television the Wii U is connected to is turned off, or switched to a different channel.

The Wii U will have 2 different types of remotes. One is the “Pro” remote, the other is the “Gamepad” remote as mentioned above. They re-did the whole design of the Wii remote to compete with its competitors… Microsoft and Sony. The controllers will contain analog sticks, unlike the original Wii controller.

Not only are there changes to the look of the controller.. But, It looks like the Wii U controller will also contain a webcam (although the details and specific information is not available yet) .. This means it might be able to do things such as talk to friends on Skype, and other things of that sort, which is also VERY cool!

Nintendo is also creating a new social platform with the release of the new Wii U. They will call it the MiiVerse. Not much information is known about this either until it is actually released (Sometime before Christmas 2012).

The Wii U will be able to broadcast an HD signal to the television it is connected to, as the old one could not — It was less popular then it’s competitors because of this.

Below I have attached pictures of the Wii U controllers, and the Video of the Nintendo Pre-E3 2012.


.. The picture to your left is the “Game pad” controller. As you can see, at the top is the camera that was discussed, and the analog sticks are on the top left/right.





… This is the “Pro” Controller. It does not have all the extras like the other, but it has all that is necessary for normal game play on a television.





Below is the video I discussed in the article…


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  • Andy

    what is the difference between the wii and the wii u
    and does the Wii games work in the Wii U

    • Ryan Pianesi

      The Wii-U will work with older Wii games, I believe.

  • Roger asanchez

    Are the differences between wii and the wii u worthed?

  • Leila

    help me, my mum got a wii u how do i tell her that she should send it back but she dosent know i know and she is not good with tecqunology thats why

  • Boom

    Here’s some questions:

    One, why did they change the remote D: the previous one was so much simpler and easier to use. Why would we need a touch screen controller and the other one that looks like its used for Xbox?

    Two, how expensive is it because I want to get animal crossing new leaf but I doubt it’s on the normal wii?

    Three, can you have the wii u and the old wii both plugged in so we can use either?

    Four, why do we need a webcam of all things in a WII remote??? It’s not an ipad it’s a game controller…….

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